The paradox in the life of a woman!

Mrs. X got her son and daughter married off on the same day.

A month later a friend of Mrs.X visited her and inquired about her children’s married lives.

To which she replied

❝Ma Sha Allah my daughter’s husband is such a sweetheart, he let’s her sleep till 11, treats her like a princess, takes her out and buys her stuff and she never has to work at home.❞

The friend then asked about her son, to which she replied ❝Audhubillah, My son is a disgrace. He is his wife’s servant. He lets her sleep till 11. She acts like a princess and my son just tails around her, taking her out and buying her what she wants. How awful? He doesn’t even ask her to work at home!!❞

Moral of the story: When you are a daughter then you can be a princess but when you get the law attached to the daughter then you are surrendered to the law and no longer a princess!

That’s the paradox of this world. And that’s how it’s been since time immemorial. But it was Islam, when it was brought forward by our Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم), that liberated the woman and gave her due rights.

But unfortunately, the woman aren’t given that right which is theirs in our society. Instead the society has adopted a culture which goes clearly against the Deen and only wants the daughter in laws as maid to take care of her husband’s family.

Know that she got married & was given by her wali in Nikah, so that she can have a family (her kids) with her husband and take care of that family. That’s her obligation and duty. Meanwhile if she happens to take care of her husband’s parents, she gains reward for the same and incase she isn’t able to, then there is no sin on her.

Now if the son happens to stick to the haq & the Deen, then he becomes a bad son to the same parents!

That’s the irony of the society we are living in; where we have forgotten the Deen but only long to implement the culture and fear the society around instead of fearing Allah!

May Allah open our eyes to see the real Deen & guide us by His mercy to implement that Deen.


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