About Me

Just a slave of Allah who was once a doctor by profession, ended up being a writer by passion to call people towards the Haq (The Truth), after recognising & understanding the truth of this life!

Let me make it clear that what I write is what I have understood and what I see happening in this world today. If you cannot see that, then that’s your perspective. I have not made it as a compulsion for anyone to see with the same eyes and understand with the same understanding. You have every right to differ and every right to choose the way you wish to live this life. 

And if you hate Islam, then that’s your problem and not mine. If you have misunderstood it then again that’s your loss and not mine. I can only say, it’s my choice to live Islam and to show that what the world thinks about Islam is just a concocted form which has been cleverly inebriated to the modern world to just get their ulterior motives achieved. Thus the modern western world was created to fight against the Islamic values, as that is the only threat they see for their antichrist agenda!

Frankly, I have no hatred towards anyone or their religion that they chose but only have sympathy for their actions that which shows their hatred towards others’ choice and which they end up doing out of ignorance or arrogance.

Lastly, if you do agree with my thoughts or if you feel there is an iota of truth then you are welcome to follow my blogs and feel free to share the knowledge that’s beneficial. 

My goal is to walk on the straight path and help others who have the same goal.

May Allah guide us all by His mercy alone!

© Dr. Ahmad bin Ibrahim