How does death feel?

It’s important to know how death feels, to actually know where are we heading and what are we leaving behind!

It’s said that this life is a sweet lie and death is indeed a painful truth! So don’t deceive yourselves in the materialistic things of this world and don’t make them your only goal. They are just a need and keep it just like that only – as and when needed!

For each one of us death is guaranteed and when it comes it’s always sudden and so feel for a moment how would that day be when it comes without any intimation. Feel for it, so u know this life is not worth the time we invest in our bad and wrong deeds. This life is not worth to waste in hatred and spite. This life is not worth in being lost in this worldly life and forgetting Our Creator, the one who made u and me!

This life was always about recognizing our Maker and worshipping Him alone.


Video source: Merciful servant

Click on the link to know how death feels!

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