Hijab and Non-Mahrams!

❝What you show to your spouse, you cannot show to your mahrams and what you show to your mahrams, you cannot show to non mahrams!❞

Do not show your adornments to non mahrams!

Do not reveal your beauty to non mahrams!

There must be no doubt that the beauty of a woman starts from her face, her body, her hair and ends with the jewellery and clothes that she wears. Hence a woman must must always guard her beauty and adornments from non mahrams by wearing a hijab.

But note that hijab must not be tight or transparent. That hijab must cover your hair & body completely. It must not be that type which reveals your hair from the top or from behind or the shape of your body or the colour of your dress within. It must not be that type which shows off your feet or the anklet that you wear. Everything must be concealed from the eyes of non mahrams!

Make no mistake your cousins, your friends & your colleagues from the opposite sex are all non mahrams! Also know that your brother in law & your aunt’s husband also fall in the category of non mahrams.

So it’s better to guard yourselves and limit your conversations with them. And when you do have a conversation with them, maintain your dignity & do not get over friendly with them. As that is better for you and them.

And do not fool yourselves or get trapped in the whispers of shaytan to consider that your face is not part of your beauty. If that is not part of your beauty then why waste time in decorating that. If that is not part of beauty then why is it the basis of almost every marriage. When photos are exchanged for proposals, face is the first thing which is noticed. And if face is not part of beauty, then why do the majority of women get upset over their features!

So stop making excuses to simply fulfil your vain desires and garner gazes and compliments from strangers!


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