Indeed! That’s the greatest success…

Today success is all about the money you make, the status you gain and the things you buy!

We all are busy and lost in this world in achieving these things that will no longer matter once we finish our journey in this world.

So what is true success�

Success is not about gaining the riches of this world or attaining degrees, but when you have attained the mercy of Allah.

It’s all about His mercy on us, if you have His mercy then we have surely attained success in the hereafter. We must work hard in this world to get His mercy coz His mercy alone will take us to Jannah and not our deeds. Our deeds that we do is only to attain His mercy!

May Allah help us achieve His mercy such that we can taste the success of all success.

Indeed that’s the greatest attainment!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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