Do not despair, be steadfast!

In life you will find people who are not happy with how much you have changed for the sake of Allah rather they will pick at those small instances where you might err only to demean or insult you of what you did!

The irony is that they would overlook the deeds of their own children but will never overlook yours. They will instead make a scapegoat out of you and pass opinions or make judgement that so and so is a ‘hollow Muslim’.

And then you will also find people who would make vicious & scathing attacks on you and remind you of your past by asking,❝Didn’t you do so and so in the past?❞

This is nothing but their arrogance which makes them deny the truth & that makes them feel that it gives them the liberty to rebuke others.

But let me tell you that just because we happen to err in the past doesn’t make it right to err again. And do get this right, you have no business to poke your nose into others affairs. One who has sorted his way of life and wants to walk on it, just for the pleasure of Allah, never cause hindrance by bringing his or her past before.

What is haq will always be haq and one should never shy away to speak the haq. One might do mistakes, and that is bound to happen coz we are ins (humans) but rejecting the haq is showing arrogance and one who has even a small seed of arrogance will never enter Jannah. Remember that!

May Allah guide us one and all and keep us away from ridiculing the ones who are slaves of Allah. Coz you never know what hurts the slaves of Allah can become the means to bring the wrath of Allah in your lives!

And those slaves of Allah who have been hurt – have sabr and walk with more intent on the straight path!


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