By the Day Break!

Quran chapter 89:Surah Al-Fajr

A chapter from the Qur’an which was revealed in Makkah. The theme behind the verses of the Qur’an shows it as a response when the people were refuting or not ready to acknowledge about the existence of the hereafter, meeting with the Lord and the rewards and punishments associated with it.

That is so true even today especially among the intellectuals who mock and deny about the hereafter and it’s rewards and quote it as bankrupt thought process. In fact, bankrupt are those on the day of judgement who do good deeds but not to seek the pleasure of Allah!

It also reminds us that no matter how rich you are or how powerful you are, the day of end is written for all and on that day justice will prevail for what they did on this earth. So no tyrant will be spared or any oppressor will go scot-free. Each one will be held responsible and Allah is observant on all for the corruption what they caused on this earth.

Corruption not only based on monetary grounds but also moral and ethical grounds. Corruption of a society also includes sexual perversions that are done based on consent. And so they defend that it’s morally upright for a man to lust over a man or to promote one night stands or to exhibit one’s beauty shamelessly. All these have been accepted as a norm in today’s society.

By each passing day and night, it’s only a sign that the day of judgement is getting very near. Allah gives us examples of the tyrant rulers of the past and how He dealt with them who thought they were the supreme being on this earth just like how today the state has been made supreme and the seekers of power have become tyrants and oppressors. And they are ready to go any extent to get it in their favour and to dictate and rule over the masses. It’s only their contumacy and delusion that they forget that our return is to our Lord!

Indeed, our return is to our Lord and He will judge who was on the right path and who worshipped Him alone!


Qur’an : Surah Al- Fajr

Recitor: Hani Ar- Rifai

Video source: Merciful Servant

Click on the link below to watch the video:

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