Beard – A natural identity of Men!

It’s very strange that this trend of being clean-shaven was started just few years ago and it has become the most vogue of current times especially in the so-called professional world, where each one wants to succeed.

Whereas, the normal trend since the time of Adam and until the early 1900s was that of a man with a beard.

This trend of being clean-shaven was only introduced later by the modern western world in order to promote their agenda of making men look like women and women like men. Eventually, that has come true today.

If you see men they are wanting to be like women & dress like them. On the other hand, if u see women they want to be like men & dress like them. Now that’s the world we are living in.

So do not be deceived by this modern western world and forsake the tradition of all the messengers of Allah, just for want of a small piece of this modern world!



6 thoughts on “Beard – A natural identity of Men!

  1. With all respect to your perspective and belief, I disagree with what you have written. There are a lot of women who can grow beards and a lot of men who can not. Sure, beards grow mostly on men. But that doesn’t mean we get to decide what others want to do. That’s their body, their wish. There’s no harm in keeping or not keeping a beard. This vague idea of masculinity is so overrated and that’s where patriarchy starts. The sooner we realise, the better it is for us.
    PS- Open for criticism or disagreement, but with proper logic.


    1. Totally up for argument as long as there is a respect in that discussion!

      Let me clear one thing in the beginning itself.

      I haven’t imposed on anyone of what I think and what I do. It’s totally upto the individual what he/she wants to do. It’s their deeds and they need to answer for what they do in this phase of life.

      Coming back to the point of beard. I have clearly mentioned to leave the beard and allow it to grow. That doesn’t mean am enforcing to stick a beard on those for whom beard doesn’t grow. Coz we have been created in diversity. It has been done so, only to respect one another and appreciate what our Creator can create.

      At the same time, one who chooses to go against nature, doesn’t mean he/she is right. A wrong must always be called as wrong and so must be the right path shown. Whether one chooses to walk on it or not, that’s entirely their choice.

      Just like when a doctor advises not to smoke and drink and to leave the bad habit, for some it might be the norm and for others it might not. My job is to show what is right and good and if one doesn’t want to then I don’t lose anything!

      Lastly there is no patriarchy or superiority here. It’s be how you were created rather than playing tricks with your own Maker and showing your arrogance – that I am better than my own Maker and what I decide is right!


      1. Not growing beard is not unnatural. Our hair grows, so don’t we cut it? Don’t we cut our nails too? My point is, who wants to keep beard may keep it, and who doesn’t, may not.


      2. That’s what my point was, all this while in history it was natural and norm to have a beard. It’s only in the last few 100 years of human history, the trend of shaving has begun.

        And you have proved my point, that how people can accept that which is not norm as a norm by bombarding the concept over and over again, especially through media!

        With regards to hair – be it on ur head or intimate areas, that’s the natural and innate nature of a human to cut and trim. The same goes with nails. That doesn’t lead to making men and women look the same.

        We need to accept that men and women are different and we are not here to compete with each other but to complete each other!


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