Life in this World!

The way each person looks at life in this world is different. So the best way is to look at life how our Creator wants us to look at it. The one who made us and the creations around us, from the hills & the mountains to the rivers and the seas. All of them are moving and playing their role in the way He wills and wishes. But He gave us a choice coz He wants us to be held responsible for each of our actions!

One who accepts His rules and submits to His laws is the one who is a Muslim. The question is are we that Muslims?

In fact are we just happy being as Muslims on the documents & certificates? And so want to limit our actions as Muslims just till our names and do everything else, which are against a role that a Muslim has to play for his Maker.

May Allah guide us all by His mercy alone & make us understand the true meaning of this life that he has bestowed on us!!


© Dr.Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim





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