Men & women in Islam!

Men and women are equal but not the same; we are all equal but different. And because we are different, so are our rules!

We are equal as slave of Allah but we are different in our physical and biological make up. We are also different in our mental and emotional built up.

We need to understand this, to understand the best creation of Allah and His rulings for each one of us as men and women.

The rules laid by Allah is to create a holistic society where each one has an individual right and a specific duty. And that is where our test lies in – how we fulfill our duties and use our rights!

Lastly one must know that Islam is not a religion of equality but a religion of justice. Just like a blind is not equal to that one who can see, a deaf is not equal to that one who can hear and a dumb is not equal to that one who can speak. Hence it’s only justice that will uphold each one’s rights, and it cannot be meted when treated equally. So is the justice of our Lord that prevails over men and women. Verily, Allah orders justice.

May Allah help us understand this intricate matter with the understanding of the Deen rather than the concoction of the modern godless liberated world!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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