Here and the Hereafter!

Have you ever given a thought what would happen if you land up yourselves in a situation where you have lost everything in this world?

How miserable and hopeless you would feel?

Just by the sheer imagination of such a situation sends shivers down my spine!

It’s strange, how this temporary world and it’s temporary pleasure has become so worthwhile to us that even the thought of losing it will make us depressed. It will make us feel that we are not worthy enough.

If that’s the case with only a thought, then what if you really have lost this world?

And so we see many taking those extreme steps of giving up their lives for not getting their share of this world. The share as in, what the society drives out of them to possess wonderful degrees, loads of money and oodles of pride & fame. And when you cannot get these, then the very life comes to a naught!

All these just for this temporary world and for our temporary life.

Now imagine, what if, you have lost your hereafter?

A loss that is permanent, irreparable & irreversible loss.

Nobody in the sane mind can ever tolerate that or bear such a huge loss much worse than a loss what you could face in this world – be it the loss of your house, your job, your wealth, your children or your parents!

The irony is that we don’t pay any heed to it. Coz we are lost in the delusion of this world and everything that it contains which is nothing but a temporary deception, only to realise when the angel of death is before you.

So it’s time to change that.

As of today, in the eyes of today’s society, I might have lost this world but then I will make it up by not losing the hereafter.

That is my goal which actually should be the goal of every human on this earth!

What is yours?



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