Trials and Tribulations

Our life is not meant to be perfect here coz it is meant to be filled with trials and tribulations!

And so it is Allah who tests us;
By giving us wealth or taking it away.
By giving us people in our lives or taking them away.
By giving us fame or by taking it away.
By giving us honour or by disgracing us.
By giving us health or by giving us disease.

Every situation is a test which can turn as guidance or punishment from Allah!

Now how do we know whether it’s guidance or punishment?

To know that, we must understand that if the test is making you to walk on the straight path – by increasing your belief in Him alone and doing things that pleases Him and staying away from things that displeases Him, then you are indeed guided by Allah. And so be thankful to Allah and bear Sabr that’s best for you.

Now if that test makes you more disappointed and takes you away from the worship of Allah and makes you do things that Allah hates and has prohibited then know that it is punishment for you. Coz Allah doesn’t want to guide you and who can guide you when Allah doesn’t want you to walk on the straight path and thus you might end up being more arrogant and haughty, only so that he can make you taste the hell fire!

So repent but make sure your repentance is sincere coz we can always act and we can fool people but we can never fool Allah, the one who created us all.

Hence always remember we must work hard here and try as much as you can coz we want to get to a life that is permanent and perfect. So do not waste your time in making this life perfect coz it will never be and will never happen to be permanent!

May Allah guide us all to know what is perfect and what is permanent and keep us away from this extreme love of duniya and it’s wealth which was never meant to be perfect but was always meant to be temporary!


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