The Copy Paste Affair

This is sad that in today’s world of social media and technology, people just want to pass judgement on others.

A person seems to have no right to express, the way he or she feels. One who feels good about something then let him feel so. If he wants to express then let him do so.

In the same manner one who feels unsafe will talk about his insecurities. And if he does express what he feels, why has the other to get offended by it?

By doing so or trolling him you would be only reaffirming on his insecurities. The world all around has these bunch of hypocrites and they want the world to be like them. So they don’t care for what one feels but want everyone to feel the same what they feel.

I thought feelings were one’s most private and individual thing and each one had the right to feel how one feels. But today, it has been paralysed and has become a copy paste affair, just like the technology today!


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