What is Islam?

Islam is not about hating those who hate u but about loving even those who hate u! Being compassionate and showing mercy is an important sign of being a Muslim.

The prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) narrated that Allah will not show mercy to those who don’t show mercy to others. So imagine how can a person be a Muslim who doesn’t show mercy to mankind. As our entry to paradise is only depending on Allah’s mercy and not on our deeds. Our deeds will only call upon the mercy of our Maker!

Islam is about winning hearts and not winning a piece of land or demeaning any individual or killing humans or animals for pleasure, which the modern world and it’s inhabitants portray. But actually it’s about doing things based on need.

For example, If u need to have food then Allah has blessed us with all the things that He has made permissible for us to eat; is what we can eat. To protect ourselves and our family, if there is a need then you can protect yourself by killing the oppressor but make sure that is what you are doing for, coz Allah knows what is in your heart and u will be held responsible for the same.

Islam is a way of life which warn us to never take what which doesn’t belong to you, even if you happen to be a guardian of an orphan. The Quran gets so explicit that it mentions the responsibilities that we need to bear towards orphans, who are in our guardianship. Then how can it advocate cheating or deceiving people for land, money or wealth? This they have done just to smear and vilify this religion!

Islam is a religion which invokes Allah who is Ar-Rahman (The most compassionate) & Ar-Rahim(The most Merciful). It’s a way of life which shows how to live in this world and prepare for the next life. It’s actually a balance between how to enjoy in this life and prepare for the next. We have to be always aware of what we do, coz for the short lived fun here we cannot endanger our eternal life. So we enjoy life based on what is made permissible for us to enjoy by our Maker.

Islam is an intellectual faith and has no place for blind beliefs or rituals. Allah, our Creator, himself says that we should ponder on the verses & contemplate and see for the creations in this world that He has created, for us to realize and then believe. Let me remind Qur’an is not just a book of recitation but a book of revelation for us to contemplate and to implement in our lives!

Lastly Islam is not about converting people but it’s about showing people the good character and conduct by which u deal with them and by always maintaining a moral high ground. As Allah says in the Qur’an that there is no compulsion in Deen and for each is his own. But He also makes each one aware that on the day of judgement, He will question each one of us and He will make it clear what’s the truth and what’s false. Thus will show us all where we differed!

So don’t fight over whose right and whose wrong and don’t divide yourselves based on religion, caste, race , wealth & borders coz we all belong to one family of Adam & Eve. We all are brothers!

Hence until then keep seeking the truth and the truth shall free you, if Allah wills.

May Allah guide us all and show us the straight path and make us steadfast.


© Dr.Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim





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