Oh Allah! Send us respite..

Tired of seeing killing everywhere.

Tired of hearing rapes on daily basis.

Tired of knowing children being abused.

Tired of oppression done by the tyrants.

Tired of witnessing the plight of the poor.

Tired of seeing corruption all over.

Tired of seeing this race for seeking more & more of power & money.

The world today, indeed has become a filthy place to dwell.

Oh Allah send down a catastrophe such that the world can become a better place after that. Eliminate all such people who thrive to spread corruption in this world and the world doesn’t deserve your mercy anymore.

People openly disobey you and mock at you and your messengers. There are those who are mocking at your religion and then, there are those who are playing with your religion.

Ya Allah! Let the reality unfold with the judgement day. Show them the truth so that the liars and disbelievers know who are you and what is your power!

They don’t know who they are mocking at.

They don’t know who they are competing with.

They don’t know who they are messing with.

Am yearning for that day, when you will ask all of us again, ❝Who is your Lord? And where are all those whom you worshipped as Gods and Lords?❞

No human or angels or idols will speak that day. And not even the messengers except with your permission. There would be only one voice that would be resonating and that is yours, Oh Allah – Our Creator who made all of us!

Oh Allah! Send down some respite, so that the world can be a better place at least for a while before the day of all the days, the judgement day rolls on!

Yearning for justice and peace, Oh Lord send it soon!



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