The Modern Agenda!

The modern state & it’s modern policies:

1. Sexualize everything

2. Promote Materialism

3. Debase Spirituality

4. World Domination

This is the modern world today!

We are living in a world where everything around us has been sexualised. Things sell in this world by this principle more often than not. And that is why almost every ad what we see or what we hear are about things that promote sexuality. Thus, men & women have no longer inhibitions and have accepted this as their way of life.

We humans have never been as materialistic as we are today. As a result of which, our relationships with our own relatives and other humans have been jeopardised. We measure everything based on the materialistic things that we have. Thus having an iPhone or a Mercedes is what determines your social status today. Hence we splurge.

And when sexuality and materialism has percolated inside us, then spirituality has to walk out. It’s almost impossible to have all the three together coz one is being content and the former two are more attached to the opposite!

Ultimately when the whole of humanity is lost in these three aspects, then it’s the best bet for the one who is running the modern state to dominate this world!

Welcome to this world where we all are being lured into.

And the truth is, we already have completely lost in this maze and begun to think alike.

And so have become part of their agenda in our ignorance!

May the One who has created us guide us to the straight path and protect us from the webs of deception.


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