Say no to Zoo!

What a shame! We call ourselves humans & we are the most oppressing of species!!

Imagine, if tomorrow somebody else will reign over you and imprison you in a cage just for entertainment such as zoos or to be used in a circus etc. How would you feel?

Obviously the world of humans will make a large hue & cry over it. Moreover, we will look to fight to get our rights back. Then what are we doing to these animals and why are we doing it?

These animals are captured and tortured coz there are morons among us who pay money to see them caged . We don’t bat an eyelid if these innocent animals lose their freedom. We are so selfish that we enjoy and make fun of these animals when they are behind the bars for no reason except to fulfil our vain desires and to satisfy our egos.

Unfortunately we teach the same to our kids and the following generations to come. Thus humans continue to be selfish and sadistic!

It’s high time. Say no to zoos!

Let the animals be where they should be. Let us not confiscate their areas and let us not trample on their right to live with freedom & dignity. Respect each of the creations of Allah. Each have a role to play on this Earth and each of us are slaves of Allah.

May Allah guide us to seek the right way to live on this Earth.


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