The World of Data, The Perceptual Programming and The AI

If you change the perception, then you change the world!

This is what the world of technology has been doing to all of us without even the realisation dawning upon us.

Are you perceptually programmed?

Think about it.

The way you live life & have been made to think about it is actually a perception based program which has been downloaded & installed from the time you are born!

Just like our phones are updated with newer versions so are we being updated with newer ideas & way of life. The way it has been done is such that we haven’t been able to get even a hint about it. And so we live life giving more importance to the money & the degrees. We have adopted things that are haram & yet we are oblivious about it.

We are happy with the modified way of life that we have forgotten the true Deen.

In fact the Deen what is left is only a skin & the OS (Operating System) is of the deviated world!

That’s how much we are corrupted today.

Beware of the social media & beware of the perception that it’s creating. A perception with a narrative that is so strong that it can sweep your entire thought process and replace with something else before you will actually realise.

So be cautious of what you do online coz everything is recorded in this medium. It’s recorded in order to analyse and they are analysing in their quest to make AI the replacement for humans.

Be prepared. In their quest to rule the world, they are preparing for the world to shrink where people like us will no longer be needed except for the Elite few. There are making a world with a narrative that will help them to rule this world by changing our perception & making us submit to them!


Video source: Be inspired

The world of Data & Perceptual Programming!

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