Seek knowledge that’s beneficial for hereafter…

It’s sad to see that many among us do not understand the rulings of Allah from the Qur’an and are haste to pass their verdicts on it. They do so without any knowledge and they do not know the gravity of their error!

Just like when we don’t have any knowledge of medicine, we seek the knowledge of doctors for our benefit. Similarly for the knowledge of the Deen one must seek with those who have knowledge. It’s also very essential that from whom we seek, they must not only have the knowledge of the Deen but also must act on it.

And so do not demean those who have spent their lives in order to learn this Deen. Avoid disrespecting them. Just like when you are not satisfied with one doctor, you take 2nd or 3rd opinions, seek knowledge of the Deen in the same way. Continue the pursuit of the Deen with sincere intention and Allah willing, He will guide you. Coz He is the owner of all guidance and all knowledge and He guides whom He wills and He knows who among us are the righteous!

Lastly, know that just like in every walk of life there will be those who are corrupt and will do things for their worldly desires. Hence do not malign the entire community for the errors of few. You cannot see all of them with the same lens but also make sure not to trust everyone blindly!

May Allah make it easy for all of us to not only seek knowledge but also act on it. Coz there is no goodness in that knowledge which is not implemented!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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