The modern world and it’s deviation!

The world today, as you see, has been completely deviated in making either their intelligence or the money they make, as God which needs to be worshipped!

And so it’s very common that we see that every human is bent upon working only to make tall degrees or to earn lots of money. While one who does think differently is made to look as a buffoon by the so-called modern man!

One who feels that life is all about identifying our Maker and worshipping Him alone is considered a moron today.

One who thinks that the needs of this world are just needs which one has to have, whether it is education or any other basic needs like shelter, food and family, is considered backward.

All that we actually need are just the basic needs, which one needs to complete the journey of this life but we have ended up making them as our dreams. And thus we see people have become very arrogant and their egos getting belligerent over those who happen to be different.

But I ask them, what will you do with your degrees when you reach your grave?

What will you do with your money, when you reach your grave?

What will u do with your ego and arrogance when you reach your grave?

U don’t carry anything along with you except your deeds that you do.

So remember that and then ask me, what I do and why I do? May be then, you have a chance to understand!

©Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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