Life, death and our desires!

We all get frustrated in life and that’s common. Frustration about our life, our education, our family, our work and the money we earn and everything else that one can imagine under this sky. We accept almost everything that comes across in our lives but the one thing that makes us difficult to accept is when our near and dear ones leave us. They leave us in the form of separation by death or by choice.

And when that happens we feel devastated and cannot cope with it and we blame each and everything around. But then, one must not forget life and death is in the hands of our Maker. We are born and so we are meant to die. So this separation is a natural phenomenon but it’s such a phenomenon about which we have no knowledge. As in, when we were about to be born we were not knowing, likewise we do not know when each one of us will die.

Life and death is decreed and He alone knows about the future of each one of us. And when the time comes, I believe, not even the best of the doctors can save one!

So it doesn’t mean you are wrong to be saddened, coz this son of Adam’s heart is weak and it hurts a lot when our near and dear ones leave us but then that’s what this life is all about. You are here today alive and kicking, so make that kicking count rather than being totally lost in the maze of this world, which is full of desires. And the most of all desires, the desire to live long and never die!

Know that this life is a test for the next life. If incase you are not bothered about the next life, then you have every right to make this world a paradise for yourselves and live the way you wish. But then, that is it. When you reach the next phase of our life, you will not be able to achieve that world which is never ending and that world where everything that you desired in this world will actually be before you in the most perfect manner. Now that is paradise created by our Maker only for the true slaves of His!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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