Allah – The One Who Feeds And Protects!

I have come across people with varying beliefs in their lives; from everything to anything the belief can exist in! And hence for many, Nation protects and feeds. Now I know from which background they are coming from and hence I don’t mock on their beliefs or try to impose my belief on them. Now that is called as tolerance but people have failed to understand it and they think tolerance means one has to believe in their beliefs as well then only he/she is tolerant. This is where the dispute begins!

Moreover, as per such individuals, one has to practice the same rituals what they follow in order to respect the land. Does it mean that I am wrong if I follow the way we must respect our Creator’s creation? Not at all! As to them is their belief and to me is mine. Indeed respect will always be there for every creation of Allah coz that’s how a Muslim is. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s this land or water or animals or anything else what Allah has created, we respect all in the way it has to be respected and cannot compromise it with our belief in our Maker.

One needs to understand that a Muslim can never commit Shirk, coz if one does that, then he or she will be out of the fold of Islam. Now Shirk means associating or replacing Allah in His Lordship or in His Worship or in His names and attributes. And hence a true Muslim and a true believer will never ever walk on a path that can lead or get into Shirk. And hence it’s Allah who protects us and feeds us is our belief. And I just hope they have this courtesy to not to impose their beliefs. Coz if they do so, then they happen to be in the same league with those who impose others faith on them. And so then, they shouldn’t cry foul for the acts of few deviant Muslims or from the people of the book who are enforcing or imposing as they claim.

One must always remember that forceful imposition by anyone is totally unacceptable. Each one has his freedom to choose the way of life he wants in this journey of life and he can choose for himself one god or many gods or anyone as god! That’s his deeds and he alone will be held responsible. So don’t fret and waste time and move on with ur deeds to please ur Maker coz not all are meant to be believers. That is because to be a believer Allah has to guide and He alone knows who among us is righteous and He guides whomsoever He wills. And if, had He willed that all must be believers, would there be anyone who wouldn’t have believed?

Ask yourself!

May Allah guide us to the right path in this life which leads and proclaims oneness in Allah, Our Creator alone!

Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim





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