Choose your company

It’s a must for a believer to choose a company that will take them close to Our Maker in obeying and worshipping Him alone.

The first priority of our life should be to love and obey Allah and for that you need to have absolute trust and belief in Allah alone. Once u have that, then rest is all easy to follow!

More often we see that we get influenced with the people we live with or those whom we choose as friends. We happen to do the same what our group does. And so if the company we are spending with, spends time in alcohol or drugs then it’s but natural that 9 out of 10 would be adopting it. Same goes with other sins coz it’s the ploy of shaytan to trick people with words like,❝it’s ok dude, just chill, you only live once, just for our sake, just try once etc.❞ All these words only lure us to disobey Allah and makes us transgress.

Once we get habituated to do it, shaytan makes us believe that it’s not sin and hence we begin to object and reject when placed with verses of the Quran and Hadith. The time u start doing that, shaytan leaves u coz he knows he has succeeded in his mission and goes on to find a new victim to inflict the same disease. This is the cycle of sins which begins insidiously and then before you realize it gets fulminated!

May Allah help us to realize our sins and seek His forgiveness coz no matter how big the sin is, if u seek true repentance before u die then Allah will forgive u.

But the only hindrance is, we know not when our death is and so we live life in the delusion that tomorrow will be the day when I would stop all sins so let me enjoy today and we continue to deceive ourselves!

May Allah protect us from such behavior.

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim





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