The truth, the straight path and then, the diversions!

Story about ‘A’.

A was born in a faith which believes in only one God but then that was it. Apart from that A had no knowledge or inclination towards faith. A was happy go kind person who believed in living life and keeping others happy. So A believed everything that his frenz believed in, just assuming that God is one but in different shapes and forms. That is because A grew up in such a community where world was more important than faith and God. So A didn’t bother much about anything other than the world and its glitterati!

But then one day, A happened to meet the reality of life. And so he went on questioning himself about life and God. And then A realized that God is one and not many and not in different shapes that most of the humans consider. Ultimately this time A accepted a faith by choice and not by birth!

So in order to enter this faith, he had to start with a refutation only, that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) is a messenger of Allah. So A was getting to know that to accept this faith he had to refute everything else. So now there is no going back from here, coz that belief had completely sinked in.

Later on A realized the whole Quran was sent to refute only. To refute people who considered God in different forms, shapes and in each and everything, to refute that God has no son, to refute that God doesn’t accept worship in any other form but only that what He chose. And all the prophets who came before had also refuted what people followed, deviating from the correct path of worshipping the Creator and not the created. And even the last prophet (ﷺ) had refuted those who were present during his time and conveyed the same message of strict monotheism, where belief and worship belongs only to One God!

That made A understand that why he sent the final message with the final messenger and had attributed to the whole of mankind. Because after this there will be no prophets and no new message will be sent and so whatever is there, this is it. So A began to study more to get into the depth of this, only to find that God had refuted all these in the Quran and given examples of the past from the followers of Noah to Abraham to Lot to Moses to Jesus that how they got deviated from worshipping one God. He allowed that to happen coz He wanted to send the final message with the final messenger to complete this cycle of messengers and ultimately get to the main stage of Judgement day.

Later on, after all this, A meets B, his friend. Now B believes God in each and every person and finds the approach of A very narrow.

A says: One God

B says: One God but many names, shapes and forms

A says: One God, many names yes but only those names what He has revealed and not out of our choice. Add to that, whose shape no one knows.

B says: No, that’s narrow vision

A says: But How can we know when God has not revealed himself, coz that’s the test all about.

B says: we should believe both.

A says: How do I? When I negated everything except Allah before entering the faith.

B says: No how can you say we are all wrong

A says: I don’t say by my own but the scriptures themselves say and so I say.

B says: problem with interpretation

A says: Every day, minimum 17 times, every Muslim says “thee alone we worship and thee alone we ask for help”, so now how can I worship others as well or consider that others are doing right. How is this misinterpretation?

Now A meets C

C says: God has son, and that son is God.

A says: God has no son, coz scriptures have refuted which came later on.

C says: No, it’s one God but three forms. But now his mother is also God.

A says: But God revealed that there is only one God, so how come three. We are all from Abrahamic faith, so how God became 3 and then 4 now.

C says: You are wrong, it is because my priest said so and my scriptures say so.

A says: But God sent the final message with the final prophet refuting all ur claims. Then how can I accept when I have accepted by choice this faith.

In the end, A asks both B and C, tell me what do I do?

There can be only One God and I believe everything that He said and follow only that.


Should I believe in B what he says and consider all forms and shapes and humans as God?


Should I believe God has son, and God Himself has a mother and that mother is now God as well.

A says;”There is no chance that all three can be correct. Only one can be correct among all these coz the concept is totally different among all the three.” So A said now that he has chosen the first one and so he cannot say others are also correct coz then A would be lying. A chose a faith which negates everything else, so A cannot travel in all the three boats. A can never betray his Lord and believe in others or worship others. Coz belief and worship belongs only to One God.

Finally A said,”Let’s not escalate this issue coz my Lord has told to tell, that to you is your faith and to me is mine! And whatever differences are there He will settle it on the day of judgement and will let us all know who was right and who was wrong. So I will be good to all and will respect all but I cannot ever accept what you all do is right coz then it would be betraying my Lord. Hope each one can understand my reason.”

May Allah guide us all to the truth and help us walk on the straight path by His mercy alone!

© Dr.Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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