Stop being a pharaoh but if you still insist then do as you like!

Before u put on that fitna, be it the music or movies, remember this verse from the Qur’an and register it in your hearts.

Know that Allah is going to question our hearing, our seeing and our heart. So stop fooling yourselves by taking for granted Allah’s mercy coz you will never be able to fool Allah. He knows more better than us what we do and what is in our hearts.

We watch and hear haram stuffs on daily basis – the reason being we have no knowledge or we are arrogant enough to go against Allah. We have taken for granted the mercy of Allah. We have begun to assume that we can continue and persist with our sins and Allah will grant us Jannah, just like that!

Alas! That is the state of Muslims worldwide and then we ask why are we being targeted everywhere? The answer for that is quite simple, coz we have become defiantly disobedient. And when we have all become small pharaohs how will then the help of Allah reach us?

I say we have all become small pharaohs coz we live the way we want fulfilling our worldly desires by submitting to our nafs rather than submitting to our Maker. We have begun to enjoy this life based on our nafs even if it goes against the Deen of Allah. So indirectly we have begun worshipping our nafs and satisfying it with the evil around. Whereas, in reality, we are allowed to enjoy our lives with only that which has been made permissible for us to enjoy. And remember there is no long term gain in doing that which goes against the Deen of Allah.

Anyways the choice is yours how you wish to live. But then remember the saying of the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم):

You do as you like but remember you will die the way you lived and you will be resurrected on the day of judgement just like the way you died.

Do as you like!

May Allah only protect us from His punishment!


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