Rejecting the truth and looking down on people!

Do you reject the truth?

Do you reject the truth what Allah has sent through His Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم)?

Do you deny the verses of Allah?

Do you reject that which is Haram by making it Halal or vice versa?

Do know that the rejecting of the truth is a form of arrogance.

Unfortunately, we have many among us who do that on daily basis and yet assume that they have submitted to Allah and are following Islam.

Then, we have those who look down on others.

There are two scenarios – one, if they have more than the other and second, if they have got less than the other. In both the cases, they do not like others having more than them. The one who is higher will not want the other to grow while the one who is lower despises of the other for having got more!

Both are signs of arrogance.

When they have more, they become arrogant and feel that they are cut above the other and so Allah has blessed them with money and wealth, failing to realise that it’s only a test from Allah.

And when they have less, they have this ego which states or shows how could he get so much when am better than him.

Remember this sign, that’s the sign of Iblees, when he told Allah that he is better than Adam and so disobeyed Allah. A man can get so engrossed in his arrogance, that he might not understand what is he doing and whom is he disobeying. And there are many who have been influenced by the same Iblees and have tried to follow his footsteps in their contumacy.

May Allah protect us from this deception and deviation that will lead us to being arrogant and end us up in the hellfire!

May Allah protect us from such pride and arrogance. Coz pride and greatness is not for humans or any other creation.

It’s only for Allah!

Do realise that before it’s too late, period.


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