The modern world and their role models!

It’s not only the youth but even the children & the old that have been deceived by this modern world.

This modern world has tactfully placed each thing to take as role models or idols throughout an individual’s life.

When they are kids, it’s the super heroes they follow like Superman, Spiderman etc. These are their idols.

When they grow, then it’s the likes of Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj etc.

And for those who are old, it’s the seasoned actors like Mohanlal, Daniel Craig etc.

These are the few examples of role models today. Likewise there are many from other fields whom people have taken as idols to emulate.

But when it comes to emulate the best of creation – our Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم), then we lag far behind. And those who try to emulate, they are being condemned & ridiculed by their own peers or relatives.

Now that’s the irony of the Muslims today who say they are Muslims but do not actually understand what is being a Muslim!

May Allah guide us to understand this deception and help us to make the best of creation as our role model to follow.

The solution to the issue of Muslims getting deviated & adopting role models that make them go further astray is by adopting company of those righteous Muslims who are sincere to their faith. Those who practice Islam & stay away from the sins that have been made norm.

It’s always better to keep your children & yourselves away from friends or relatives who have adopted the wrong path.

Those who have accepted the modern lifestyle & made halal what Allah made haram.

We must maintain distance from those who enjoy music, waste time in watching movies, television series etc. & who do not maintain mahram & non mahram barriers.

We must avoid all those parties that involve free mixing, music & acts that they do which pleases the Satan instead of the Rahman!

We must only maintain limited contact with them in order to maintain your kinship and try to advise them to adopt the haq instead of the batil.

We must train our kids by giving them the right environment and the right company to learn and implement this Deen. So always be aware of who they take as friends and have a check on their cousins with whom they spend more time.

May Allah help us to give the right environment for our kids and also for ourselves in order to adopt and be steadfast on the right path!


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