Humans and their hypocrisy!

What’s wrong with people today?

We are living in an age where you will be condemned to raise voice for what you strongly feel and you will be questioned if you don’t raise voice for what they strongly feel!

So when one condemns something, then the other claims that he/she has no right unless they would have condemned the other acts of past. But the so-called others will not apply these rules on themselves. They never condemn the act of what their ideology does be it the modern world or any political or religious ideology that they follow but will be ready to jump the gun to ask, when those having opposite views do so.

What’s actually a matter of concern in today’s world is that they have begun to feel that exodus or elimination is the only way out to suppress the voices which do not agree with them. Hence we see them cry slogans of either leave or get killed. Today the definition of anti-nationals has changed. Those who don’t agree with their ideology are anti-nationals. They expect us to mimic and think like them in order to be considered as nationalists!

I just have one thing to say to such people, just like how u exercise your right in matters of your choice and are very vocal, so do others have the same right and choice in their matters.

Violent killings of women, children and the old and weak can never be justified but then I have come across a person who says, “Humanity is not that you will be quiet when your people are massacred but to retaliate.” I totally agree with him but then I ask such people to remember these words when others retaliate against them.

Now the question arises who will decide who is right and who is wrong and who is the oppressor and who is the victim. Those in power today or the common man who is suffering?

I leave it on that note, coz I am not the one who decides who is and who is not! Coz every coin will have two sides and so does every human story today. And as for today, only a catastrophe can make us aware what was right and wrong, till then mankind will remain blinded in their desires and the deception of this world!


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