To be anonymous or not!

Sometimes we come across people who have issues even with your name. We cannot do much about such people coz that’s their nature.

But to give them a chance, I would like to clarify few things. So to begin with the issue of name – I would like to state that just like when a doctor writes prescription, his name and his credentials are mentioned, so is my name mentioned in my articles. I much happier and content in being a doctor of soul than a doctor of a body! But in both cases, I need to take up ownership be it for the worldly matter or for the hereafter. Coz I cannot prescribe remaining anonymous, that’s as simple as it can get.

And am sure you wouldn’t take any treatment from an anonymous doctor? Will you? Then how can I remain anonymous when I prescribe that which is right for your soul!

With regards to fame, I ain’t looking for any fame. In fact, am away from all such things and I don’t like being recognised. Neither I have anything on my page nor on my website for people to recognise me. For your information, based on what I write there are many who only dislike, hate or are envious about it. Hence don’t you worry, I won’t be garnering the fame and recognition that you are talking about or getting worried about!

Know that, to you is your life and to me is mine and hence the way of life you choose is yours and what I choose is mine. Don’t get petty coz if that is what you could nitpick in my life, then there are many things to nitpick in yours. But then, I don’t venture into such things coz that’s not me.

Lastly, I write coz I only want to pass on the message, and more so to make myself stronger in what I believe. And my name is there coz those are my words and I take up the ownership just like how I take up the ownership of my kids with my name in their names. Now if someone chooses to remain anonymous, that’s their choice.

And this is my choice!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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