Hijab to please Allah

Something which our sisters no longer pay heed to!

After all the modern western world has replaced the right of modesty of a woman in Islam to a right of immodesty to portray their beauty to the world in the form of tabarruj (showing off your beautiful features) and all this only in the name of liberation and equality.

The word ‘Tabarruj’, when used in relation to a woman, has three meanings:

1- When she exposes the beauty of her face and body before non-Mahram men.

2- When she exposes the beauty of her clothes and jewelry before them.

3- When she exposes herself before them through the way she talks, walks, and moves.”

This is where our parents didn’t understand the concept of hijab. For them hijab only means a black cloth which must cover their body and never taught their children the sin of tabarruj.

Also they ain’t being taught how to dress before mahrams and non mahrams. In fact they are being told that hijab is meant to be worn after marriage and before marriage one must enjoy, show their beauty to men and be free.

May Allah help us to get a deeper understanding on this matter so that we can avoid the sins that lead to the displeasure of Allah.

Unfortunately the same attitude continues to persists with many mothers even after marriage where they coax their children to not cover themselves completely with hijab and to wear something that’s tight and attractive. The irony is that they argue that hijabs that are loose and unattractive are to be worn when people get old and not when they are young. Thus, they successfully deceive their own children to wear hijab that looks stylish and attractive and end up sowing the seeds of faahish (immorality) in the society!

Sadly this is true in many homes. I really hope we can change this. But to those who feel they are right and can do whatever they wish. Then, let me tell you, you are free to do whatever you wish in this world but you will be held responsible for each of your actions on the day of judgement. Then on that day don’t plead as innocent or ignorant instead accept your arrogance of denying the law of Allah.

May Allah forgive us and guide us all so as to not only make us understand the true value of hijab but also the correct way of implementing hijab.

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim




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