Life and Death!

Many people think that a person dies because of so & so reason. And the reason what they assume can be any like heart attack, cancer or any other disease, accident etc.

Now here comes a paradigm shift!

A person doesn’t die unless his soul is removed from his body. And in order to do that, Allah has not only decreed an angel to remove our soul but also has decreed a time for each one of us. Thus, diseases or calamity is only an outward reason which might appear to take that person close to that stage but unless Allah’s decree doesn’t come then he/she won’t die. Coz we have many in this world who suffer from such ailments and accidents but then, not all die at once.

There is a time decreed for each one of us and we will surely die when we get to that time.

Whether you have any ailment or not!

Whether you meet an accident or not!

Whether you fight a battle or not!

When your time is decreed, then the angel of death will do it’s duty and will never disobey Allah.

Now that is a belief of a Muslim!

But then, those who want to believe only in the modern world & run to acquire such a health where they feel there is no end, then I must say you are only deceiving yourselves!

Indeed you are told to take a treatment for which there is a cure. But for a disease which cannot be cured & you pop the pills all your life, until you actually die, presuming that your life is dependent on that pill, then you are definitely falling into Shirk.

That is because, now your faith has shifted from Allah to that pill & you no longer believe in the decree of Allah.

It’s unfortunate that these consumption of pills, until we reach our death-bed, has become a way of life. It’s a way of life that has been adopted only in the last 50 years. And it’s very likely that very soon you will be taken to another way of life, just like how you have been taken for a ride today.

And all this only because of your greed for long life!

May Allah protect us from such a way of life and guide us not to be blind in our greed for this worldly life.


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