The Owner of Cosmos!

#WhoisAllah #TheOwnerOfCosmos

It’s unfortunate that we haven’t understood the greatness of our Maker. That is only because our brains simply cannot comprehend who our Maker is!

And so there are many who make anything and everything as God. For some it’s their conscience and for some it’s their brain. And then there are those who believe God being in everything – living or non living!

This only shows how immature are they to associate partners to Allah, whether it is themselves or any other living or non living being. Exalted is Allah to have any partners or sons or to be present in each human being or in any living or non-living entity.

We also get to hear many intellectuals speaking about cosmos and a tiny speck of dust. Indeed, we are a tiny speck of dust but then we must also know that this cosmos is also a tiny speck of dust before our Maker. That is the grandeur of our Lord, who is the owner of the heavens and the earth; that which we see and that which we cannot.

It’s only our arrogance that we live on His property and do not recognise Him and worship Him alone but things other than Him. Yet it is His magnanimity that allows us to live, eat and drink on this earth. Even after that, it is only our ingratitude that we fight for pieces of land that was never ours but His & only His!

Hence, the only goal for which every individual has been created and sent on this earth is to recognise our Maker and to worship Him alone. So we must work hard to understand the greatness of our Lord and achieve the absolute belief in Our Maker & the unseen.

Now that is our test. Whosoever believes and then does righteous deeds, he is indeed from the successful ones!

May Allah help us recognising Him & understanding His greatness. May Allah make us among those of the successful ones – Al Muflihoon.


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Allah – The Owner of Cosmos!

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