You are my only aid!

Ya Allah! You are my only aid!!

Please protect me from this world;

Where I am nothing but a stranger,

Where I am considered mad if am not among those who are lost in this world,

Where people are ok to disobey You to fulfil their vain desires,

Where obedience to You is considered as extreme,

Where the main goal is money & materialistic things,

Where it’s all about name, fame & power what one yearns for,

Where you earn respect only when you have power, money and wealth and not when you have Iman, Deen and Sunnah of Your prophets,

Where protecting your iman is secondary & not wasting money becomes priority,

And where people mock & tag with different names just for being in submission to You!

Ya Allah! Protect me from such a Qaum!

Ya Allah! You are my only aid!


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