Shaking hands with non-mahrams!

People ask me why is shaking hands with non-mahrams (other women) not permissible in Islam?

The reason being Islam prohibits things from its root. Allah warns us in the Quran not to follow the footsteps of Shaytan. There is a great wisdom behind this statement. If one understands that, then many of the prohibitions in Islam can be understood easily. When Allah says do not follow the footsteps, it means Allah is saying that beware of each step that will lead to sin. Coz once u shake hands, u get comfortable, and once u get comfortable, then u start meeting often and once u start meeting often there are chances that you can go on to the next stage. It might not often happen in the same way for everyone, one might argue, but the thoughts might definitely come to many. That’s the reason why it’s not allowed. As Allah doesn’t want our souls to get corrupted with such thoughts which can end up either into Zina or if u don’t happen to get what u want then it might lead into frustration which can lead one to commit other sins. And we must not forget that modesty is a part of Iman, if one leaves then the other also leaves.

We must take a note that Islam was sent for the whole of mankind and not based on one person. As one can claim, “What big deal, I can control my desires and be alone with a woman in a room and not do anything at all.” But then, not all humans are same. So the ground rules were set for all by our Maker.

People getting attracted to a pretty woman is common, and if u happen to interact u will naturally fall for the way she talks and acts. So for a Muslim its prohibited and hence it’s advised to stay away from na-mahram. And mahrams for a believer has been decided by Allah and so it’s not that which I have created by my own. So please don’t take offense.

Also would like to add, it doesn’t mean we totally shun others, but we respect each other and will talk and help in case of a genuine necessity as humans as long as it is permissible. In fact, if u see it holistically, this in itself actually mitigates the worst kind of offense, which not only abuses one’s body but also one’s soul, such as rape which has become very common in this hyper-sexual society; if and only if, one implements these rules upon himself.

And Allah is the most wise and He knows what He has created and so are His rules!

Lastly to my brothers in faith, why cannot we implement what Allah and His messenger (ﷺ) has taught us or your happy with the way of life the modern western world has taught u? Do u really want to be targeted and accused of eloping with a girl of other faith or get alleged about forceful conversions? If u implement the sunnah, then those accusing you today will have no excuse to point a finger at u. Coz they would dare not when they know that he is a Muslim and so he won’t even look at or stare at other women, let alone speaking to her!

Isn’t it time ya akhi, to wake up?

Isn’t it time to know the real path that leads to Allah?

Isn’t it time to mend our ways?

Isn’t it time to believe and submit to Allah the way we should?

May Allah alone guide us all and protect us from the fitna of dajjal which has engulfed the modern world and so it has failed to understand what’s right and wrong and have made their desires as their right and so they find evil in good and good in evil!

© Dr.Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim




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