The world is like salt water!

And we are in love with this very world such that we ain’t actually bothered about our hereafter. We might say we do think about our hereafter but our very actions prove otherwise!

We are busy drinking this salt water and so our thirst for this world never ends. Our desires keep multiplying & surpassing from one desire to the other, as we move ahead in this life.

We are never grateful to what we have and our yearning makes us the most unthankful of all the creation that Allah has created.

We live life as if there is no end.

We crib about our very lives.

We don’t bear patience when we are afflicted with trials & ills.

We hate death to such an extent that we would want to continue living here until the world actually ends!

And all this because we actually haven’t understood the true purpose of this very life.

Hence we don’t long to meet our Maker but fear leaving our wealth and family behind.

That’s us – the so-called humans & the so-called muslims!

May Allah help us realise our true purpose of existence.


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