What big deal – Everyone does it!

The issue today with people is that if they find a verse going against their desires, then they either ignore it or avoid it. And when it comes to sunnah, as it gets into the nitty gritty of the religion making it more clear what to do and what not to do, there they cannot ignore so they outrightly reject it.

When this happens, I can only see the way Satan misleads humans in the form of negation. If Allah says pray, then he finds ways in which he can mislead us not to pray. And so they reject Sunnah, coz it says the way to pray but today’s modern muslims want to pray in their own style. Then when it comes to covering awra, hijab, growing beard, lowering gaze and maintaining mahrams and non-mahrams, then they try to get as many excuses to implement the modern world rules and show those who practice as backward Muslims!

And they shoot back, ” what big deal! Everyone does it.”

I only say, thanks for letting us know that u have changed the Deen to become a modernised modified Muslim and you have totally forgotten that you carry only YOUR deeds to your grave!


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