The Paper Money!


The world today has proven that one who controls the money controls the world!

Indeed we have been fooled in this concept of money. We have been fooled to believe in something known as paper; printed with number and any face or structure to accept it as our currency. We have been fooled to believe in the money which is unseen and with some zeros and numbers onscreen. We have actually become victims of this scam such that we don’t even know that we have become scapegoats of the plan of the elite few!

The world economy that is running on such fraudulent paper and electronic money is nothing but a scheme where they happen to be the tapeworms sucking our wealth and using our weaknesses and desires to boost their earnings and thus ultimately accumulate enormous wealth. Isn’t it time to actually identify this before being completely sucked into it such that we reach to a point of no return?

One must understand that all this is done only for one agenda, that is to dominate this world and to rule. It may appear that we are independent but make no mistake we ain’t. It’s just that it has been appeared to make as if we are all independent countries but the truth is we are all dependent on them.

We are slowly moving on to a stage set for the Third World War so that the transfer of power happens to the next ruling state of the world, which was the primary intention behind the two world wars prior.

The game has just begun for them and we will definitely see their real faces if we happen to be alive after the world war!

Click on the video to know more about paper money!


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