Is it luck, by chance or Qadr of Allah?

One must understand that there is nothing that happens by luck or by chance!

Everything that’s happening around us is based on the Qadr of Allah which is depending on the circumstances that we choose and what we choose on the crossroads is already known to Allah. Hence what Allah knows then becomes our Qadr.

And what happens beyond our control, are the circumstances that Allah intends to test us with, either by giving us good or by testing us with bad. Whatever He wills with, we know not and we don’t have any control over it.

Yet we may find a thing that which seems to be good for us but might be bad for us and sometimes what we might find bad for us might be actually good for us. That knowledge only Allah owns and we know not.

That’s why as a slave we must always ask from Allah for the good of this duniya and the hereafter. And then continue to bear sabr and to be shukr, as these two are two halves of our iman!

May Allah help us to increase our belief in Him alone and understand what believing in Him actually means!


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