Modesty and Faith are together!

Modesty & faith are together, if one leaves then other also leaves!

Yet we have people claiming that their faith is independent of how they look. Sadly they have not understood that Islam doesn’t work that way. Once u accept Islam, then u accept submission to Allah. Submission to Allah means submission to His laws. And His laws were brought to us through the messengers & prophets. And so all of the prophets, starting from the first prophet – Adam to the last of the prophet -Mohammad (May peace be on all of them), submitted to Allah & one who submits to Allah is known as a Muslim.

So if you are a Muslim then know that you cannot be one,unless u submit to Allah. And submitting to Allah means submitting to His laws and submitting to His laws means obeying the prophet. Hence it’s very important to obey the commandments of a covenant.

That’s how each of the messengers taught their followers including Jesus who had informed the children of Israel to keep the commandments in order to be successful.

Instead if you wish to make your own rules and follow it, then please don’t call yourselves as Muslims but modified Muslims who believe faith is only in heart without any obedience to Allah & His messenger.

May Allah guide us from such deviated way of life.

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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