Lower your gaze!

If u find things that are not permissible for you as hot, then beware of the hell which will be hotter millions of times than the fire on this earth!

It’s sad to see that people don’t know who are their mahrams and non-mahrams and then gaze and enjoy the times with them. Free mixing has become so common in this world, that it has become hard to avoid it. We have become so ignorant that we have forgotten that cousins are also non mahrams in this world. We have begun to formulate our own Deen where movies and music have become halal, illicit relationships are made halal, money on interest is being freely consumed and shedding clothes and revealing ones’ awra has become fashion!

People have stopped taking all these as prohibited anymore. Satan has been successful in deviating us to such an extent that we have begun to say;

❝ What big deal! Everyone does it these days.❞

Thanks for letting me know that you have changed the Deen and ur today a modified Muslim!

May Allah protect us from such deviation and guide us to the right path!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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