Women are the foundation of Families!

Our Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) was given this Deen by Our Maker and was given a task to spread the message of truth!

And when he began it was his wife who stood by him, when the whole world around him began to mock him, abuse him and tell him that he was a liar.(Naudhubillah- I seek refuge in Allah)

The people around even said how can we leave what we have been doing since many ages by my parents, grand parents and their previous generations. Some people said that it’s not possible to follow what u say. Does these statements ring a bell somewhere?

But still fighting all odds having trust in Allah and having the support from his wife, he proceeded further and the rest is history today as we all know!

So every time when there is some strong resistance from people around to implement what Allah and his Rasool ordered, then Allah shows the path and makes it easier for those who are steadfast & those who seek and yearn for truth and guidance.

Know that every woman is a foundation of each family as it is she who holds the house together, bears patience, teachers her kids manners and akhlaaq. She plays an important role in making a society live in harmony, as she is the one who spends more time with the next generation that forms this society.

I hope and pray that Allah guides each one’s wife & children, who can support them and be the coolness of their eyes.


© Dr. Nisar Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim




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