Are you planning for the day of all days? The judgement day!

Today people have begun to celebrate so many days. Each day of a month ends up being a particular day for the world to celebrate.

I wonder when these days will end and people will actually begin focusing on the real D-Day of each ones’ life i.e. the Judgement Day!

We are so enthusiastic about such days, which come and go every year, that we have begun meticulously planning for it. People take part in it wholesale. But unfortunately, we don’t show any due diligence to the day that will matter in each one’s life more than anything else.

It has become a culture which is widespread globally and we have all adopted these things in our life very easily. We failed to realise that we have actually ended up promoting vice, as there seems no virtue in such occasions. Ironically, people don’t see the vice but only see it as something good. That’s how much people have been corrupted in today’s day and age. It only shows we are nearing the end times and are very close to the day of judgement.

May Allah help us to understand this life and it’s needs, to complete our journey on this earth!

May Allah help us prepare for the judgement day and assist us in planning our life such that we attain the greatest & everlasting success!


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