Misconception about the beginning of Islam!

We hear many a times people saying that Islam is the latest religion which came into existence only recently and rest all other religions were present over 3000 years ago. And due to this reason, people claim that the authenticity is far higher for the one which is present since long time. If the age is criteria for authenticity and everything else, then let me bust the myth about Islam. Islam didn’t begin 1400 years ago but it got completed by that time.

It all began when man first stepped foot on this earth with Adam (peace be upon him). He was the first person to accept Islam and become Muslim. Now Islam means submission; submission to Allah, the one God and Muslim means one who submits.
And so all the prophets who came after Adam like Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Jonah, Joseph, Moses, Jesus & Mohammad (ﷺ) were also submitters to Allah and carried the same message: ❝There is only one God; Worship the Creator and not the creation.❞ But the way of life just changed bit by bit with some addition or subtraction of rules to follow on this earth, during their life time. And this continued for a period of many thousands of years and ultimately as Allah had planned, He culminated everything to the final message with the final prophet (ﷺ) and completed this Deen-Islam and presented it to us, as a gift!

A gift which He has given us as a choice to either accept & submit or reject & disobey. This is because we are His creation who have been created different from the Angels. The Angels don’t have any choice but He has given us the choice to select from the right and the wrong & from the good and the bad. And He has given us this choice only to differentiate the best among all the souls. That is the reason this world is a test and He hasn’t revealed Himself but revealed His power through His creations. That is why we need to believe in Him without seeing Him coz if we see Him then there would be no test. And so He is testing us and has made each one responsible for his/her actions.

So the choice is yours but whatever you choose remember you will be held responsible and the reality will only dawn with death. That means each one has been given a time in this world to seek the truth and implement it and so that no one will complain that he/she didn’t get time and same goes with the message. We cannot tell Him then that we didn’t receive His message coz everything is being recorded just like when we humans can invent a chip which is so small and can save so much information, do u think Allah cannot record each ones’ life?

And as I got technology into discussion and we all know that the world today breathes on technology, so let me give an example for those who couldn’t comprehend what I said above, in terms of technology only. Let me put it across in a simple way just to draw some understanding but before that let me make it clear that it doesn’t befit what Allah has designed by any means. So coming back to my example, when android began they began with their first software android 1.0 naming it as Apple pie and it continued upgrading from there. Slowly and steadily we reached KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and today we are at Oreo. Similarly the message was same but the way of life just varied bit by bit and we came across many monotheistic faiths which were named by we humans only like Judaism, Christianity and then once it reached the final stage, it only then began to be known as Islam for the world around. Allah made it as a complete religion and gave the whole of humanity a gift and I reiterate that it’s upto each one of us whether we accept it or reject it.

Thus, I leave the ball in your court!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim



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