Who is Allah?

This question ponders in many minds who think about their existence and their role in this world. So let me try to put things into perspective, these questions like who is Allah, what is Allah, how is Allah and where is Allah, for those innocent minds who really want to know about our Creator and to those tyrant minds who think that they are the supreme and none above them and also to those who have misunderstood our Creator, our Lord.

Allah is The One, Al-Ahad & The Only One, Al-Wahid.

He is The First, Al-Awwal with no beginning coz He is The Eternal & The Absolute, As-Samad.

He is The Last, Al-Akhir with no end coz He is The Ever Living, Al-Hayy.

He is The Creator, Al-Khaliq who fashioned us and gave us the best form, Al-Bari & Al-Musawwir.

He is above all, The Most High, Al-Ala. Above His seven heavens over His Arsh yet He knows what you whisper in your heart coz He is Al-Lateef, The Most Subtle.

He is The One who gives, Al-Wahab and One who provides, Ar-Razzaq.

He is The Giver of Life, Al-Muhyiy & He is The Causer of Death, Al-Mumeet.
And death has no effect on Him, coz He is The Self Existing One, Al-Qayyum.

To Him is our return when we all die, The Impartial Judge, Al-Hakam,who is the supreme and He makes laws for us to which we must abide.

He is the One who will judge all our affairs of this earth, Al-Wakil – The Disposer of All Affairs.

He is Al-Baseer who sees everything & He is As-Sami, who hears everything.

He knows all that is hidden, Al-Baatin & He knows all that is manifest, Az-Zaahir.

He is The Relenting one, At-Tawaab & He is Al-Qaadir, The One who has all power.

He is Al-Jameel, The Most Beautiful and He loves that which is Jamaal, beautiful things.

He is The Owner of All Knoweldge, Al-Alim & He is The Most Wise, Al-Hakim.

He is Al-Malik, The Only King, who doesn’t need any servants to serve Him.

To Him belongs everything and whatever is in between the heavens & the earth and beyond are compelled by Al-Jabbar, The Compeller.

He is The Most Loving, Al-Wadud who loves you more than your own mother.

And when Al-Waliy, The Protector, is by your side then you dont need to worry about any enemy coz He is Al-Qawwiy, The Most Strong & He is Al-Mateen, The Firm One.

He is Al-Haqq, The Only Truth which guides us all. And He is The Only Light, An-Noor who shows us the light to walk on the straight path.

He has no partners or associates and none is comparable unto Him, The Most Perfect & The Most Sacred, Al-Quddus.

So repent before The Most Beneficient, Ar-Rahman and The Most Merciful, Ar-Raheem,
before you end this life on earth, coz He is Al-Afuww, The Supreme Pardoner, one who forgives all sins.

Such is the grace, power and beauty of our Lord. That we can never love anything else if you know Him!

Just think over it, that how can we demean Him by comparing, associating and some even replace Him with things that we humans make out of our shallow brains or by denying His laws for us or by telling that He has a son, wife or partners?

It’s only because He has allowed that to happen doesn’t mean we are right. He allowed that to happen coz He wants us to be held responsible for our actions in this world. And sadly we know not what’s good for us, only He knows it all and that what lies in future coz He is Al-Khabeer, The All Aware!

We can never comprehend what our Maker is, with our limited intelligence, about which humans boast of, and no matter what level of technology we might reach, coz He is Al-Aliy, The Exalted, who is beyond comprehension!

We cannot increase the greatness of our Lord even if the whole world begins worshiping Him,coz He is Al-Akbar, The Greatest.

And we cannot decrease the magnificence of our Lord even if the whole world starts sinning coz he is Al-Adheem, The most Magnificent.

Such are the beautiful names of our Creator that each name attributes only to Allah alone.
No vision can perceive Him but He perceives all vision.

Finally, Subhan Allah – Glory be to Allah! He is the source of All Peace, As-Salam.

And I end here with peace, coz I don’t have any more words, as words cannot encompass Him as He is Al-Muheet, The All Encompassing.

And to the Muslims; we cannot be true Muslims until we are true Mu’mins (Believer) & we are not true Mu’mins until we have absolute belief & our belief is not absolute until our actions confirm to the
Al-Mu’min, The bestower of Faith.

May Allah guide us all by His mercy alone!

Alhamdulillah – All thanks to Allah! That I could pen some of His beautiful names – Asma Al Husna!

And do share, so that the whole world knows who Allah is!

© Dr.Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim



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