Marriages – Modern way or Halal way?

Unfortunately we are living in times where free mixing between men and women have become a norm. Blasting music, women without hijab & mahram and non-mahrams are things which aren’t taken into account. We have become heedless about it. Such is the deception of this modern world!

We are happy following the Deen of the modern world instead of the Deen of Allah. We compete in order to make the best of weddings by doing things that pleases the Satan. And all that just in the name of pleasing people around.

We don’t blink even an eye when we land ourselves into Riba (interest based loans), just to fulfil our egos and desires. We have been deviated so much that we no longer consider sin as a sin!

May Allah protect us from such deviations & make us not fall into such deceptions.


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