The sins and this world!

Unfortunately, people today are madly in love with the same world!

Today, the mere existence in this world has been reduced to their love for this world and the materialistic things associated with it. They cling on to it as if it will never end and also teach and evaluate their kids with the same love for this materialistic world. Life today has been reduced to just making money and living life lavishly.

Their love is such that, for the Duniya they are willing to give up their Deen! And to do that, they say, “why cannot we also do when the whole world is doing it?” “It’s ok let me enjoy today and Allah will understand.” “It’s ok I am weak and Allah will forgive me for the sins that I do.” “It’s ok the sin is small and hence it’s ok to persist with it.” “I know it’s a sin and will leave whenever I feel like.”

And then there are people who are so arrogant that they deny to accept sin as sin and openly flaunt it and try to show them as their achievements in this world.

Make no mistake all those who give excuses, know with whom are you messing with!

It’s Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.

It’s Allah, the Lord of the Heavens and the earth.

And He is Al-Jabbar and when He comes to punish then none can protect you and when He punishes the punishment is quite severe!

So beware! Seek refuge in Him, repent to Him alone and do not go back to the sinful life!


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