You will Die


We are lost in this world that we have forgot the true purpose of life. We are busy earning degrees, making money, building houses and enjoying this world and it’s lavishes, to only to leave it all and go away!

Our death is guaranteed. No matter what you do, the day when it’s written, you will surely taste death. Three things will walk to your graves with you – your family, your wealth and your deeds. Out of these only ur deeds will remain with you. Your family and wealth will return back to where they belong, until they face their last day on this earth.

Understand why we have been sent in this world; if it was to stay forever and enjoy, we wouldn’t have died! Yet we assume and behave in such a way, as if we are about to stay here forever. Our death shows us that this life is just temporary, we are being tested by the one who created us. We have only limited time to do our deeds and then to move on to the next stage. Do not waste this time that has been given to u, in things that will not yield u anything in the hereafter.

Remember the things on which we spend maximum time today is just a need. So make use of it as and when needed only, and not the goal of ur life!


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