The world of hypocrisy!

#TemporaryRules #RulesChangeBasedOnDesires

The world we are living in today differentiates only the Muslims into Good Muslim & Bad Muslim.

Now for the modern world, let’s understand who falls where;

1. A good Muslim is he who isn’t particular about prayers or salah and in fact who doesn’t even pray can be considered as a good Muslim.

2. A good Muslim is he who is ok to associate partners with Allah and takes part in their rituals.

3. A good Muslim is he who drinks and boozes and gives them company in pubs and bars.

4. A good Muslim is he who loves watching movies and hearing music or one who is associated with movies and glamour industry.

5. A good Muslim is he who is ok to meet and date girls. One who doesn’t mind shaking hands and free-mixing with the opposite sex.

6. A good Muslim is he who condemns Islam and its practices and is like a modern progressive man, just like them.

7. A good Muslim is he who is vulgar in speech and act and in the way they dress.

To cut short, if the person is just like them then he is a good Muslim!

And a bad Muslim is he who doesn’t think like them and opposes these practices and avoids all such so-called good deeds of theirs!

Now they don’t mind to label such Muslims as extremists and terrorists but hold on even their kind Muslims are not spared these days coz now they are also targeted with allegations of eloping with girls of other faith and accusations of forceful conversions aka ‘Love Jehad’.

Welcome to the modern world, where we all are living in today!

Ironically, where rules are based on their desires and is temporary, and so keeps changing. Whereas in Islam, rules are based on what is right for humans and so will always be good and never change, once Allah and His messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) have declared it.

That’s the reason why the modern world is not able to accept it but then these rules are for the believers who are practicing Muslims, those who have submitted to Allah and not for those who haven’t submitted. Their freedom and desires aren’t curbed and they can continue to make this world as paradise and enjoy!

And those, Oh you who believe!

Isn’t it time to wake up and walk on the path which prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) taught us and has shown us? The path which Allah, our Creator decreed for us as the right path. I just ask you, isn’t it time to leave the path of the shaytan? Isn’t it time to open your eyes to see the traps of dajjal and its forces? Isn’t it time to please Allah before you die? Isn’t it time to love and worship Allah the way He should be worshiped and loved? Isn’t it time to submit to Allah alone and not to ur desires?

May Allah help each one of us to identify the good from the bad, and peace and sense prevail!

© Dr.Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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