Persist and be steadfast amidst all difficulties!

Sometimes in life we end up marrying a person how we want, and then Allah guides!

When that happens, we now see that the person is not how we want. Coz we changed from a phase of jahilliyah (ignorance) to be an actual believer. Now we end up with no choice but to carry the relationship forward amidst the differences.

Indeed, this is the time when u need sabr in great amount to walk on the path to please Allah amidst all difficulties. We will have to bear the nasty comments of our very own relatives and face their sharp tongue. They will try to pin you down with their taunts and remind you of your past. They happen to derive a sadistic pleasure with their words that they use on you.

It is because they are happy in their own compromised way of Deen and so they find it hard to accept the rules of Allah. And in their contumacy they are ready to defy Allah & His messenger(صلى الله عليه وسلم). So when they can do that, then don’t expect any mercy from them towards you.

We can only persist and be steadfast. And we hope that Allah will recompense and make our life better, if not in this world then definitely in the hereafter!

May Allah help us to be strong enough to bear the criticism and make us patient only to use kind words and reply back with words of peace.

May Allah guide us to move on in this life amidst all differences and the hatred that people spew on us.

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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