The change of an Era, the change of mindsets!

The world is changing so drastically and today people are not supposed to oppose, if u do so then you are wrong!

I see that when A gets hurt then one set of people support and the other don’t and they don’t even raise an eyebrow or condemn that act and even if some who are in power do so it’s just dust in our eyes. But at the same time, when B is hurt then immediately the one who were silent themselves during the time of A will ask the other who had stood for A that why don’t u say anything now. I think they fail to realize they never themselves stood for A but will aggressively question to those who stood for A.

I really ask do they have any right to question when they couldn’t themselves stand for the former one? Or is it that they can only choose whom they can stand for and the others should only do that what they choose.

Now that’s nothing but hypocrisy but strangely the ones’ who do so are the ones’ who accuse the same on others. That’s the current day philosophy you can yourselves be the same but you cannot see others doing the same!

And interestingly being silent is also rendered as being at fault coz people want people to speak on each and every matter whether they agree or not but they want people to speak for them. It’s so easy to name any one anti-national just because our thoughts don’t match theirs. I feel life is not about thoughts to match but about lives that are at stakes which can move on with even having thoughts that don’t match.

After all we are humans and not robots. And a life lost is a loss for each mother, for each father, for each brother, for each spouse and for each child!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim





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